Friday, July 2 2021

AI controlled flight from KGRK to KDFW, testing new app settings.

I'm dialing in the settings on my FlightSim Rig.  I'm still chasing the holy grail for FPS, right now I hover around 30 with drops to 20 on busier airports.

I think I will play with the associated programs and see what I can offload to another PC.

My Specs:

* CybertronPC - CLX SET Desktop
* Core i9-10940X 14-core, 28-thread
* 128GB DDR4 3000 Memory
* 2x NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 SLI
* 512 GB SSD (OS Install)
* 1TB Samsung EVO SSD (FS installed here)
* 6TB HDD (Associated apps installed here)
* 5GHz WiFi
* 1000GB Ethernet
* Bluetooth 5.0
* 7.1 Channel Surround Sound
* 11 USB Ports
* 2x TCL 43" HD LCD TV's
* 1x Vizio 43" UHD LCD TV
* 1x TCL 32" HD LCD TV
* VolairSim Home Cockpit Frame
* Windows 10 Professional
* X-Plane 11
* Lockheed Prepar3D v5
* Microsoft Flight Simulator X
* Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

A few shots of the FS Rig: (Click the link for full picture, the forum cuts off larger shots)

FS_1.jpg, Jul 2021

FS_2.jpg, Jul 2021

FS_3.jpg, Jul 2021

FS_4.jpg, Jul 2021

FS_5.jpg, Jul 2021

FS_6.jpg, Jul 2021

I have the full Saitek/Logitech setup:
ProFlight Yoke
Dual Throttle Quads
Switch Panel
Radio Panel
AP Panel
ProFlight Rudder Pedals

All of that is attached to a FlightSim Chassis - Real Comfy  :mrgreen: 

The 4 TV's are just mounted to the wall with full motion mounts. I DID purchase 3 LG UHD monitors, BUT, the way the VESA mounts are setup on the LG Monitors, when you attached the VolairSim mounting plates you couldn't attach the power or Display Port cables. (shrug). So rather than buying 3 more monitors I went the cheaper route and got 3 TVs. Originally 3 TCL 43" ones, but one broke so I stole my bedroom Vizio 43" and stuck it in the middle. The 4th TCL was a spare 32" I had in the workshop. The monitor down off to the right beside the microphone is hooked up to an old HP i5. It currently displays my security cameras for the house. Though as I chase FPS I may off load LittleNavMap and some other apps. Especially when Asobo brings decent multi-monitor support. Right now using NVIDIA surround or DisplayFusion to strech the app across three screens results in REALLY poor performance when switching between apps. IF Asobo comes through with Multi-Monitor support I MAY get an RTX 30 series card to run the Sim on the 3 main monitors and use the RTX 2080's to run any additional monitors for other apps. *shrug* That is all up in the air and depends on what kind of investment I want to toss in.

One caveat, using TV's rather than actual computer monitors will give you the larger screens, but depending on the brand and capabilities you may not get full resolution (eg: the TCL's max out at 1920x1080 and the Vizio can go up to 4096x2160) I have all of them set to 1920x180 to hopefully give me the best performance. There is also the fact that the color across all the monitors is slightly different. Calibrating and getting the right color settings can be a REAL pain!

So, if you are looking for screen size above 32" a TV will be the best cost. A good 43" Asus monitor costs over $500 USD. Multiply that by 3, yeah, ouch.

The Tablet is an old Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 running Cockpit to Sim For Android.

The old Samsung S6 Edge on the keyboard tray runs which controls OBS Studio for live streaming to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook and Steam. Basically it is a software based StreamDeck allowing me to switch screens, views, send commands, etc to the stream at the touch of a button.

IF (And that is a BIG IF, I get the funds I'm considering the RealSimGear G1000 Suite. (My Wife Spoils me)

As far as software goes, 

* MSFS2020 obviously
* Little Nav Map - Flight Following, Airspaces, TCAS
* SimToolKit Pro - Flight Planning
* SimBrief Downloader - Downloads Flight Plans generated by in the various formats needed
* SPAD.Next - Controls the mappings and gauges for the Saitek/Logitech Panels
* PeixSoft Glass Cockpit to Sim - G1000 like MFD
* PeixSoft Connector - Network connection for G1000 from Tablet to PC
* SimConnect - MSFS's connector for all the software (Similar to FSUIPC)
* OBS Studio - Live Streaming to Twitch, Facebook, Steam, YouTube through
* FlyLive Studio - Streaming Overlay for OBS Studio/StreamLabs OBS

And to top it all off a quick video of a flight from Robert Gray Army Airfield (KGRK - Ft Hood, Texas) to Dallas (KDFW, Dallas, Texas)in the Asobo Cessna Citation Longitude.

DISCLAIMER: The AI was controlling the aircraft so I could fiddle with all the various software pieces with out having to concentrate on flying at the same time. So I am NOT responsible for the crazy take off or botched landing, lol. Yeah, AI needs a bit of work. I did trim the REAL mess out, like the 360 degree turn taxing onto the runway and the REALLY poor landing BETWEEN runways. When I'm in a better mood and have some time I'll do a "real" flight, hehe.

Monday, May 31 2021

Flight from KAUS (Austin-Bergstrom) to KGRK (Robert Gray Army Airfield)

Just a quick screwing around flight from Austin , TX to Ft Hood, TX in a Diamond DV-20    

Wednesday, May 19 2021

Back in the saddle again!

Sonjas-Cockpit.jpg, May 2021

OK, after MANY years, months and days out of the FlightSim action I returned in full force! The "SimPit" in its current iteration. A few shots from MSFS 2020   Watch the full debale on YouTube (Originally Streamed on Twitch) Part 1     Part 2   More to come!      

Wednesday, August 19 2020

Vesa Camera Tripod TV Mount

Vesa_Camera_Tripod_TV_Mount.png, Aug 2020

I mentioned a FlightSim Nav PC. It is not in the above post because I'm still building prepping it. Big thing is the mounting of the TV. I didn't want to spend a couple hundred bucks on a special tripod to mount a monitor/tv so I got a cheaper camera tripod from Best Buy, found a quick release  […]

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Tuesday, August 18 2020

Microsft Flight Simulator 2020 Release!

volairsim.jpg, Aug 2020

I pre-ordered and have been downloading the monstrous beast. Yeah a 600MB installer to a[b] 95GB[/b] to [b]100GB[/b] data file. YES, that's GIGABYTES! OI! And it doesn't like to be interrupted.  :-( Been trying to get back into the Sim for a while now. I FINALLY got a full setup. MSFS 2020 kind  […]

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Saturday, October 27 2018

Up and running finally.

OK_1ST_Flight.jpg, Oct 2018

I FINALLY got my set up configured and working to the point where I can complete a flight. It's been rough configuring the controls with X-Plane 11, P3Dv4 and Spad.Next. But I seem to have the right profiles dialed in Made a very wet flight from Norman, OK (KOUN) to Austin, TX (KAUS). Great view of  […]

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Friday, July 27 2018

Long Time Gone ...

Yes it's been a while. A lot has gone on around here. We moved into a new house, now I have a dedicated space for my Office/Den and can set up my Flight Sim stuff. I even bought a third 27" monitor and mount so I now have a three screen surround display. I should be able to get back to flying  […]

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Saturday, December 23 2017

Phase Two!

Flight Controls

My flight controls came in today! I got the Saitek PRO control package from All the controls were competitively priced and came in decent bundle packages for even more savings. Ordering was painless and shipping was quick. In the package was a Saitek/Logitech Flight Yoke with  […]

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Tuesday, December 19 2017

First Steps


My WheelStand Pro came in today. The first step in my home "cockpit", space is at a premium in the apartment so I have to go with a small portable solution for right now.        So far I'm imressed with the construction, built pretty solid and stable. The adjustment latches are easy to  […]

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Friday, December 15 2017


We bought a new computer and laptop and did some desk juggling. I'm moving from an HP i7 Laptop to an Asus I7 Tower with 64GB of RAM and 8GB of video memory on an Nvidia GTX1080 Video card. Should run FSX,P3D and X-Plane 11 quite nicely. Also picked up an HTC Vive VR set. That combined with the  […]

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Monday, December 4 2017

Night Flight over Ft Lauderdale, FL

Just a quick video of a night flight over Ft Lauderdale, Florida using FS-X in an Aero Commander  […]

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Sunday, December 3 2017

Back into FlightSim

I've rebuilt my laptop and got a new mini-desk so I should be able to get back into the FlightSim scene. All that's left to do is install all the software and unpack my controls. Nikki shouldn't mind me Sim'ing in the living room, I don't think. *shrug* It's been forever since I've flown, in real  […]

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