Saturday, October 27 2018

Up and running finally.

I FINALLY got my set up configured and working to the point where I can complete a flight. It's been rough configuring the controls with X-Plane 11, P3Dv4 and Spad.Next. But I seem to have the right profiles dialed in

Made a very wet flight from Norman, OK (KOUN) to Austin, TX (KAUS). Great view of the clouds!  ;-)

My setup in my new office.

OK_1ST_Flight.jpg, Oct 2018

Flying the Alabeo Diamond DA-42 Twin Star. And as you can see, visibility sucks dirty hairy donkey .... well you know.

Friday, July 27 2018

Long Time Gone ...

Yes it's been a while. A lot has gone on around here. We moved into a new house, now I have a dedicated space for my Office/Den and can set up my Flight Sim stuff. I even bought a third 27" monitor and mount so I now have a three screen surround display. I should be able to get back to flying  […]

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Saturday, December 23 2017

Phase Two!

Flight Controls

My flight controls came in today! I got the Saitek PRO control package from All the controls were competitively priced and came in decent bundle packages for even more savings. Ordering was painless and shipping was quick. In the package was a Saitek/Logitech Flight Yoke with  […]

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Tuesday, December 19 2017

First Steps


My WheelStand Pro came in today. The first step in my home "cockpit", space is at a premium in the apartment so I have to go with a small portable solution for right now.        So far I'm imressed with the construction, built pretty solid and stable. The adjustment latches are easy to  […]

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Friday, December 15 2017


We bought a new computer and laptop and did some desk juggling. I'm moving from an HP i7 Laptop to an Asus I7 Tower with 64GB of RAM and 8GB of video memory on an Nvidia GTX1080 Video card. Should run FSX,P3D and X-Plane 11 quite nicely. Also picked up an HTC Vive VR set. That combined with the  […]

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Monday, December 4 2017

Night Flight over Ft Lauderdale, FL

Just a quick video of a night flight over Ft Lauderdale, Florida using FS-X in an Aero Commander  […]

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Sunday, December 3 2017

Back into FlightSim

I've rebuilt my laptop and got a new mini-desk so I should be able to get back into the FlightSim scene. All that's left to do is install all the software and unpack my controls. Nikki shouldn't mind me Sim'ing in the living room, I don't think. *shrug* ;-) It's been forever since I've flown, in  […]

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