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Friday, February 4 2022

Microsoft Flight Simulator KLGA FS Real Traffic with PSXseecon

I loaded up an ARFF truck at KGLA to do a bit of plane spotting so I could see PSXseecon in action. So far everything is working, I'm getting traffic (Lots of traffic!) and it looks down right cool! The one oddity I noticed is that I have Pink Checkered Liveries though as I move closer or the  […]

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Sunday, August 1 2021

Testing the new performance update.

AI controlled flight through some rough weather, lots of clouds, some icing, etc. Maintained an average of 55-60FPS. I'd say the performance update did what it promised. Settings at High and Ultra on an Intel i9 with 128Gb RAM, dual RTX2080 GPU. To be fair, the "landing" wasn't my doing.  […]

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