My WheelStand Pro came in today. The first step in my home "cockpit", space is at a premium in the apartment so I have to go with a small portable solution for right now.

wheelstand_1.jpg     wheelstand_2.jpg 

So far I'm imressed with the construction, built pretty solid and stable. The adjustment latches are easy to manipulate and hold tight. All the required screws come included, along with a couple of hex wrenches and a real box wrench. The instructions are a simple laminated 8" x 11" sheet with black and white diagrams. Though there is no real setup of the stand itself. It's mainly prebuilt. There are links to YouTube videos that show setup instructions for various configurations for different brands and types of flight and car racing controls. That's where the real setup comes into play.

Now to wait for the avionics, yoke, throttles and rudder pedals.