I mentioned a FlightSim Nav PC. It is not in the above post because I'm still building prepping it. Big thing is the mounting of the TV.

I didn't want to spend a couple hundred bucks on a special tripod to mount a monitor/tv so I got a cheaper camera tripod from Best Buy, found a quick release matching the existing one on Thingiverse, took measurements off the the two. Found an appropriate Vesa mount, imported the quick release and the mount into 3Ds Max. Mated the two together to get one piece and uploaded it to the printer.

Vesa Camera Tripod TV Mount in the 3D printer. 7 hours to go and I should be able to get the FlightSim Nav computer up and running. (heh by that time MSFS 2020 should be done downloading all of its files).

So hopefully in 7 hours I should have a serviceable mount for around $23.00. A lot better than $200 or so.

Vesa_Camera_Tripod_TV_Mount.png, Aug 2020

Watch the print here: